Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tiger Milk

Tiger Milk
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Living in South Florida does not allow us the opportunity to enjoy a hot adult beverage very often. Our temps dropped today to a balmy 39F and it was time to try out something warm and yummy.

This recipe comes from Jeff Berrys Sippin Safari must have book.

This recipe is a double and contains a batter that you must make.

3 oz. Virgin Island rum- Cruzan dark works great.
2 Tablespoons of Tiger Cream*
6 whole cloves
2 strips of orange peel
8 oz. almost boiling water

Add the rum, cloves, Tiger cream, orange peel and slowly pour the hot water in the mug. I liked using a straw so you are not constantly getting the cloves in your mouth.

*Tiger Cream
This makes a large batch of cream and will last a few weeks in a tupperwear container.
1 stick of soft butter (4oz.)
16 oz. Clover Honey
15 oz. Lopez Coconut Cream
Cream all this gooey mess together and you have one tasty sticky mess.

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