Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Flash Gordon

This post goes out to a friend who has been waiting for something special for a while. I stumbled on the LP version in a thrift shop and have burned it digitally and one day i'll post it up here for all you Flash fans... Queen did the mucic score for this film. I remember going to see the movie with my dad when I was 8. I loved it then, and still remember the scene with the wood beast. Scarry stuff. Enjoy it Eric.


Dat said...

Shoulda named the faggot "Flesh Gordon!" Mea Culpa for fuckin' with your youthful mind at such a critical time in your development. May Dr. Spock forgive me.

Chip & Andy said...

Sci-Fi has the 'new' Flash Gordon, for the younger, hipper crowd. Well, I am neither and I can tell because the new show is crap!

Save yourself the trouble. Go and get/find/rent the movie, enjoy the soundtrack and over-the-top cheesy action. Pop some popcorn, grab a icy cold beverage and enjoy the ride.

Just who is this Loki?