Thursday, May 31, 2007

Gentlemen, its time to step it up. Learn the Joy of Wet Shaving.

Shaving. A necessary evil for most of us. A morning chore. Glob on that canned gel goo, work it to a substandard foam and attack your puss with that expensive multi-blade gillette quatro fusion phantom. Boy that sounds cool. Electric motor that coaxes your whiskers up toward the 5 platinum blades that will cut them down giving you that baby butt smooth face. Right? Wrong. If you are like me, you figured out this popular shaving method just wasnt cutting it. Sorry for the pun. And who wants to pay $25 for 8 replaceable cartridges that claim a smooth shave, but in reality on hack and pull the hair out of your face then cut it. Guys, thats why it hurts to shave like this.

Well, do youself a big favor and learn to use a Double Edge Safety Razor. That's right, the one you probably saw your old man using when you were a kid. The one where one single razor is inserted into a cool, heavy, steel, manly looking razor. This design has been used for over 100 years and you know what? It works like a charm. The razors are built to last a lifetime, the blades are super cheap. The really addicting part of learning to use this razor is pampering yourself like you deserve. Don't call it Metro, call it what it is. Gentlemanly. Ever walked into a Real barber shop? That great smell of aftershave? It's really a great thowback to the good old know when things werent broke. There is a world of great quality English shave creams just waiting to be explored. These products work, unlike that canned blue goo that is so easily found. They make you feel like a gentleman when you use them and make the shave painless, and easy. And you will enjoy making your own lather using a badger brush or boar hair brush. Nothing beats an English lather or glycerine soap lather made to order.

Recently I found out that Gillette spent $250,000 on a party to showcase their new Fusion Phantom razor. This was thrown to magazine and newspaper editors and writers. Half naked models, Guest DJ's, Lots of free booze...and when the new product was unveiled....drum was the same Fusion as last year, but the plastic was black and had bronze colored highlights......are you kidding me? No wonder the cartridges cost so much.

Guys, check out the link to and give the Safety Razor a chance. I think you will find you will have the most enjoyable, close and painless shave you've ever had.

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